TORA Outsourced Trading

A comprehensive solution to optimize trading capabilities and minimize fixed costs


We keep the primary relationship between client and broker intact

As a broker-agnostic service provider, our objectives are aligned with those of our clients, allowing us to provide unconflicted global execution.

Pass-thru model: An extension of the internal dealing desk - we transact in the client’s name, with the same workflows and compliance controls as an in-house desk.

Agency model: An external dealing desk - we transact in our name on the client’s behalf, a conduit to access a broker panel with commission attribution.

Best Execution

Clients get access to a dedicated best execution team.

Pre-Trade & Post-Trade TCA
Quantitive Best Execution (QBE) works to improve execution methodology by utilizing an algo ranking system built upon regression models using machine learning. Factors selected are significantly intuitive with real-time data updates and live model recommendations to reflect current market conditions.

Bespoke Solution
We work with traders to fine-tune the model and customize to firm specific data and processes.

Reinforcement Model
Traders can improve execution style from model suggestions.
The model learns from individual styles and changing market environments.

Sophisticated yet easy to use
Recommendations can be available in our OEMS or as detailed analytics available in the reporting tool.

Commission Management

Easily manage CCA/CSA credits, balances, payments and trade reconciliations.

• Web-based application delivering an aggregated view of CCA/CSA data across brokers
• Reporting and compliance, audit reports and historical data
• Automated reconciliation and integration with OEMS to ensure accuracy
• Global support (Americas, Europe & Asia)



Organize orders, rebalance portfolios, monitor positions and P&L along with a comprehensive range of post-trade functions.


• Our PMS captures trade and market data from a variety of sources to ensure accurate and timely valuation across multiple asset classes.
• Our PMS system is utilized by the industry’s leading hedge funds, asset managers, proprietary trading firms and sell-side trading desks globally.

We track it all
Your portfolio is the result of thousands of hours of research, analysis and hard work, and we track it all. It’s part of a hands-off system that manages the software, the hardware, the data feeds, the integratio — everything that pulls you away.

It’s your data
See all of it in one place. Look at it any way you want. Create fully customizable, drag-and-drop portfolio views within seconds. See all of your positions across portfolios on one screen. Zero in on the exact view and level of detail you want.

View historical information about your portfolio
View position, P&L, or indicators within any time frame, in any currency, within seconds. It’s all built in. It’s all paid for.

Reporting & Compliance


Comprehensive reporting services. We have partnerships with leading ARMs and a full
‘plug ‘n play’ functionality for transaction reporting.


The TORA Compliance Engine has advanced rule and limit features to ensure compliance without impacting workflow or affecting latency.